• Hestia,
  • Demeter,
  • Hera,
  • Hades,
  • Poseidon,
  • Zeus

Sacred Symbols

Snakes, Grain, Sickle’s (a short-handled tool with a curved blade at the top), and Scythe (a long staff with a large curved blade on the end)

Celestial Body


Cronus: GreekMythology.com – Aug 27, 2021

The Backstory

The youngest child of the 1st generation (Primordials) of Titans.

His parents were Uranus (Sky) and Gaia (Mother Earth).

Cronus overthrew his father, by castrating him at his mother’s request for imprisoning some of her children. He went on to rule the 2nd generation Titans during the Golden Age. 

Outcast, Uranus, made a prophecy against Cronus, saying he would be by his children as well. So, to prevent this, Cronus ate each child as they were born, much to the anger of his wife/sister Rhea. She hid his last son, Zeus, in a cave and gave Cronus a bundle of rocks wrapped in a blanket instead. He ate the bundle without looking, and life went on.

Zeus grew up in a cave and when he was older he went to secretly live on Mount Othrys, as his father’s cupbearer. Zeus gave him an emetic, which caused him to regurgitate all of his children. Afterward, in a 10- year-long battle called Titanomachy, the Olympians won and imprisoned Cronus in Tartarus*He is often confused for Chronos (Time), for good reason. The two switched places frequently.

While imprisoned he manipulated an unknown Olympian and the Moirai (Fates) and was somehow able to create a prophecy, to destroy Zeus and all the other Olympians. If successful he will be able to rule Heaven & Earth, unleashing the last remaining evils upon both worlds.