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Heaven & Earth


Sea Archer

The Foundation ~ Book One

When opposites meet the attraction is undeniable, but Fate has other plans.

The attraction is undeniable.

Vastly contrasting lives, peculiar dreams, and an unbelievable proclamation that they could be the direct descendants of Poseidon and Apollo threaten to divide them forever. Will they accept their destiny and begin the quest of a lifetime or will they remain in their comfortable yet separate existence?


Warrior's Progeny

Strength Within Family ~ Book Two

If love dies, can it be reborn…only stronger?

When black energy touches their world Colt and Lilly become the pawns of the immortal Greek gods.

Is the love developing between them natural, or part of a larger prophecy?

Dee's Cornucopia

Fan Requested Novella ~ Book 2.5

This novella is the life story of Dee Taylor, the feisty and eccentric grandmother of Finn in the Heaven & Earth series.

Her bright colorful muumuus and big floppy hat are her trademarks, and this story will tell you how it all began.

She also has this little ability to see future developments. Oh, and commune with the greatest Greek family in history, but she just doesn’t know it… yet.

Dee's Cornucopia

New Here & Not Sure Where to Start?

Are you ready to explore the world between Heaven & Earth, but not certain where to begin? The truth is, you can read the books in any order you want, but I suggest you start here

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