The Warrior's Progeny

If love dies, can it be reborn…only stronger?

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The Story

Find the Strength Within Family

If love dies, can it be reborn…only stronger?
Colton Stone is a newly traded tight end, whose reputation is as battered as his football helmet.
When he receives a vacation invitation from his new teammates, he throws old habits and caution to the wind and accepts.
There he collides with Dr. Lillian Morgan, a pediatric cardiovascular surgeon, and his world unravels.
A widow with two children, Lilly is looking forward to her friends' wedding.
When she meets Colton Stone, his arrogant attitude only makes her long for the love she once took for granted.
Lilly struggles between letting go of her perfect past for an uncertain and daring future.
Strange events begin to occur, out of the realm of normal consciousness which has the duo believing something more sinister is at play.
When black energy touches their world, Colt and Lilly become the pawns of the immortal Greek gods.
Is the love developing between them natural, or part of a larger prophecy?

About The Warrior's Progeny

Continue the Heaven & Earth Saga and find strength within family.

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Jeny Heckman


PUBLISHER The Wild Rose Press

EDITOR Diane Rich


MAIN FEMALE CHARACTER Dr. Lillian (Lilly) Morgan




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Continue the epic adventure of the Heaven & Earth Series.

Published 08/20/2020.

Starring Characters

Meet the most important characters in the Sea Archer, the award-winning book # 1 of the fantasy paranormal series Heaven & Earth

RELEASED Summer 2020

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Continue the epic journey through the beginning of time and back to the modern-day and discover more about the Prophecy and strength within family


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Amazon Reader

“This series with it's Greek mythological twist is not my regular go-to genre of book, but the steamy romance sure is!! Lily and Colton (main characters) have such an honest, sometimes comical, and believable love story. I love that they both have their own helping of "baggage" they have to work through during their journey to get to their happily ever after.”


Amazon Reader

“This book was filled with beautiful storytelling, a kick ass romance and plenty of laugh out loud moments (The scene where Colt picks up the kid had me crying it was so funny). I recommend this book to anyone who loves Harry Potter or Percy Jackson when they were younger and wants to read an adult version! Give this series a chance and I promise you won’t regret it!”


Amazon Reader

“Loved the mythological elements but it's ok if you're not into mythology. The book can be read without paying much attention to the mythical elements. The romance is realistic and pretty hot. The plot is intense and page-turning. The main characters are Lily, a modern-day doctor, and Colt a football player. The location of the book is Hawaii, a heaven on earth. Can't wait to read the first book of the series and I'm looking forward to getting the next one. ”


Amazon Reader

“When you think of Greek gods and goddesses, you don’t usually think of them in a modern sense. Jeny Heckman did an amazing job at bringing the traits of Greek gods into modern day people such as football star, Colton Stone, and Dr. Lillian Morgan.

The author created realistic situations and excelled at placing obstacles between the hero and heroine. One of her strengths that amazed me was her ability to write from a man’s perspective. It was fun getting inside Colt’s head and witnessing his easy temper. Well written and a great read.”

InD'Tale Magazine


“"The Warrior's Progeny" is an intense, page-turning adventure that weaves a hot contemporary romance with spell-binding Greek mythology! Read full review in the 2020 October issue of InD'tale Magazine.



Jeny Heckman blew mind! There are no words to explain how amazing this book is. The plot, the characters, the blend of Greek mythology and modernization, even the romance... It's just too good. I absolutely loved it and I truly cannot wait to read more books from this series ”