Dee Walker Can Kick Your Ass… At least she thinks so and isn’t afraid to say it.

The Story

The character that started the Quest

Dee Walker can kick your ass.... At least she thinks so and isn't afraid to say it. A no-nonsense spark plug, Dee keeps everyone around her hopping. When she meets fellow field hand, Arthur Taylor, her colorful world becomes even brighter when she makes him an offer he can't turn down. However, this story of a bright explosion of color in a monochromatic world isn't what you might imagine, as Dee's life doesn't exactly turn out like she thinks it will. This novella is the life story of Dee Taylor, the feisty and eccentric grandmother of Finn in the Heaven & Earth series. Her bright colorful muumuus and big floppy hat are her trademarks, and this story will tell you how it all began. She also has this little ability to see future developments. Oh, and commune with the greatest Greek family in history, but she just doesn't know it... yet.

About Dee's Cornucopia

She's the one who started it all

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Jeny Heckman


PUBLISHER Celtic Butterfly Group

EDITOR Celtic Butterfly Group


MAIN FEMALE CHARACTER Deidre (Dee) Walker Taylor



Starring Characters

Meet the most important characters in the Sea Archer, the award-winning book # 1 of the fantasy paranormal series Heaven & Earth

RELEASED August 4 2021

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A fan requested novella, this book tells the story of Dee Taylor, the beloved grandmother from the Heaven & Earth Series


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Amazon Reader

“What a compelling story. In reading the Heaven and Earth series, I knew I wanted to know more about Dee; what made her the strong lady she is. Once I started reading her story, I didn't stop until the book was finished. I felt like I walked with her as she grew from a young girl to a young woman and experienced her life, struggles and happiness along the way. Jeny did an awesome job in helping you visualize who Dee is. ”


Amazon Reader

“I thought Dee was a great character as Finn's grandma in the Sea Archer, but getting to experience her as a young lady in this little novella just cemented what an absolutely wonderful woman she is. I was hooked right from the very beginning of the book!”


Amazon Reader

“I purchased the book at a book launch because Jeny Heckman is related to a friend of mine. Not sure if I would like the book but felt like giving it a try. I am so glad I did. I felt like I was right there in the room with Dee. I was not ready for it to end. It was a great read and I look forward to reading the entire series.
I have now ordered Sea Archer and am excited to get it. Thank you Jeny for sharing your great gift of story telling.”


Amazon Reader

“This charming, at times heart-wrenching, paranormal romance was much more than just the depiction of feisty, independent Dee Taylor’s life. The author deftly wove magic and fantasy as the thread throughout the story that sewed the highs and tragic lows of Dee’s flawed but fabulous life into a beautiful tapestry of strength and tenacity in the face of betrayal of trust, and love tempered with loss."