God of the Sun and Light



Zeus (Heaven & Earth, Ruler)

Leto (Motherhood)

Consort of note

Bi-sexual; Hyacynthus (his preferred) & many More



Celestial Body

The Sun (a star) is located at the center of the Solar System; Earth every 4.6 years

Sacred Symbols

Lyre, laurel wreath, ravens, swans, bow and arrow


He often has horrible luck with love, though confident in his musical and other abilities.


Apollo: GreekMythology.com – Aug 20, 2021

The Backstory

Apollo is a second-generation Olympian. He’s the twin brother to the huntress, Artemis. He was made an Oracle of Delphi, like his great aunts, Themis and Phoebe.

Appolo and Poseidon were are the forefront of a plan, developed by Hera to capture Zeus. The ruler discovered the plot and turned Poseidon and Apollo into slaves, sending them to Troy. There they were ordered by the king to build the walls and foundations of Troy.