God of War



Zeus (Heaven & Earth)

Hera (Marriage)

Consorts of Note

Aphrodite (Love, Beauty, Sex)

Erotes (Eros and Anteros), Phobos, Deimos, Phlegyas, Harmonia, Enyalios, Thrax, Oenomaus, Cycnus, and Amazons

Celestial Body

Mars: 4th planet from the Sun

Sacred Symbols

Sword, spear, shield, helmet, chariot, flaming torch, dog, boar, vulture

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Ares: GreekMythology.com – Aug 27, 2021

The Backstory

Oh, Ares! Talk about a god being his own worse enemy. Ares is full of righteous anger, everything is a battle, everything is a competition. The easiest way to win is just to get him angry. All reasoning goes out the door. He’s very jealous of his sister, Athena, as she is the goddess of strategic war…wisdom, patience, strategy. She is the favored among Zeus and whom he goes to for counsel.

Ares is brave, ruthless, reckless, and insatiable. His greatest love is for Aphrodite but has had many lovers. He was humiliated by his brother Hephaestus, when the latter discovered an affair between the former and Hephaestus’ wife, Aphrodite. The blacksmith laid a golden net and trapped the couple, dragging them naked to Mt. Olympus, before Zeus’ court, where they were ridiculed and laughed at.

However, Ares is most loyal to those he loves and will fight to the bitter end to protect his family and what he believes in.

His biggest companions, who ride in his chariot during battle are his two sons, Phobos (Fear), and Deimos (Terror), and his sister, Enyo (Discord).