Queen of the Gods



Cronus (Harvest/Time)

Rhea (Mother of the Titans)

Consort of Note



Hephaestus and Ares

Celestial Body

The Asteroid named Juno was discovered in 1801. There is also an asteroid called Hera.

Sacred Symbols

Peacock Feather, Diadem, Lily, Pomegranate, Lotus, Throne


Vindictiveness, vanity, and jealousy.

Hera: GreekMythology.com – Aug 20, 2021

The Backstory

Hera is a first-generation Olympian, and most known for her jealousy over her husband’s many indiscretions. However, it’s a rare day when the queen takes her vengeance out on her husband. She delights in torturing, tricking, maiming, and humiliating anyone that sleeps with her husband, whether by choice or not. More savagely, Hera goes to great lengths to prevent the birth of any children conceived from the adulterous unions.

Though several goddesses are true virgins, Hera renews her virginity annually in the Spring of Kanathos, to remain pure and tempt her husband.

Hera is all about appearances. She is regal, haughty, and wears a golden diadem. The throne she sits upon is also gold, and made by her son, Hephaestus, even though she treats him terribly.

Her golden chariot is pulled by a flock of peacocks.