The Moirai

The Three Primordial Sisters of Faith

The Spinner

She spins the thread of life from her distaff to her spindle. The way things are.

The Allotter

She draws the lots by measuring the thread of life to each person with her measuring rod. The way things should be.

The Inevitable

She is the cutter of the thread of life. She also chooses how they die. When their life is done, she cuts the thread. The things that are to be.

The Backstory

Confusing because some stories say they are the daughters of Themis and others say they were born of immaculate conception by Nyx (a Primordial). Either way, they are 2nd generation Primordials.

They control the complete thread of life for every person born until their death.

All gods had to submit to them, with possibly the exception of Zeus. They could work in conjunction with him. They show up three days after birth to decide what all will happen to the child’s life.

Somehow, the Moirai were manipulated by Cronus, and between them and some unknown Olympian, they were able to create a prophecy.

We think they are susceptible to dreams somehow…